Applications for Iatroscan

  • Nr. 11                    Analytical Patterns of heavy oil

  • Nr. 12                    Analysis of Glyceride Isomers by Boric acid CHROMARODS

  • Nr. 13                    Tracing of reaction with enzymatic Experimental reaction

  • Nr. 14                    Analysis of Serum Lipids

  • Nr.   5                    Analysis of Lipids, physiological samples

  • Nr.   5.- II               Analysis of Lipids, general

  • Nr. 16                    Analysis of Triglyceride Molecular Species using silver nitrate Impregnated CHROMARODS

  • Nr.   7                    Precautions in Performing Analyses

  • Nr. 18                    Determination of the phosphatidylcholine content in egg yolk lecithin

  • Nr.   9                Separation of the Isomers and derivatives

  • Nr. 21                    Analysis of surface activ agents

  • Nr. 22                    Lipids Analysis by Copper Sulphate impregnated CHROMARODS

  • Nr. 23                    Analysis of Lipids by the IATROSCAN (Marine Products)

  • Nr. 24                    Analysis of Polymer additives

  • Nr.20                 Experimental analysis for infinitesimal components in the main Ingredients

  • No.25                    Analyses of food additives

  • Appendix III         CHROMATOGRAMS

                                   - Food Dye, Naphthol quinone and Azo dye
                                   - Hormones: Pregnandiol
                                   - Ginseng Saponine
                                   - Liquid Crystal
                                   - Capsaicine
                                   - Cosmetic Cream
                                   - Rubber Antioxidant
                                   - Polymer


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