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Complete procedure of spotting and analysing with the Iatroscan MK6s

1. Blank scanning

This effectively removes all organic impurities on the rods and optimizes activation conditions before sampling.

detektor.JPG (126813 Byte)

2. Sample Spotting

The sample (normally about 1m l) is spotted onto the rods by means of an automatic spotter.

Spotter_nadel.JPG (210954 Byte)

3. Separation

The rods in their rod holder are placed in the development tank and subjected to solvent development to effect sample separation.

150.jpg (48523 Byte)

4. Solvent removal

After development the developing solvents adsorbent on the rods are evaporated

TR 8.JPG (52383 Byte)

5. Insert the Rods

Put the rod holder into the Iatroscan MK6 /6s, close the cover and put on the Iatroscan.

scanning 7.jpg (211613 Byte)

6. Measurement

After solvent removal, activate the START button to start the automatic measurement of the first of ten Chromarods and start SES ChromStar to collect the chromatographic data.

Chromstar.JPG (93001 Byte)


Application Accesories for IATROSCAN SES-ChromStar Spotter



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